Letters to a Young Poet

AUTEUR(S): Rainer Maria Rilke.

TAAL: Engels.
UITGEVER: Penguin Books Ltd.
JAAR: 2012.
PAGINA’S: 112.
DRUK: 2de editie.
FORMAAT: 19,7 x 14 x 1,9 cm
STAAT: Nieuw (New).
UITVOERING: Paperback / zachte kaft / gelijmd.
ISBN/EAN: 9780141192321.


At the start of the twentieth century, Rainer Maria Rilke wrote a series of letters to a young officer cadet, advising him on writing, love, sex, suffering and the nature of advice itself; these profound and lyrical letters have since become hugely influential for writers and artists of all kinds. This book also contains the ‘Letter from a Young Worker’, a striking polemic against Christianity written in letter-form, near the end of Rilke’s life. In Lewis Hyde’s introduction, he explores the context in which these letters were written and how the author embraced his isolation as a creative force.

Charlie Louth’s afterword discusses the similarities and contrasts of the two works, and Rilke’s religious and sexual wordplay. This edition also contains a chronology, notes, and suggested further reading.


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Rainer Maria Rilke. Letters to a Young Poet. Vertaald uit het Duits]. Penguin Books Ltd, verschenen in 2012. 112 pagina’s. 2de editie. 19,7 x 14 x 1,9 cm Staat: Nieuw (New). Paperback / zachte kaft / gelijmd.

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