AUTEUR(S): Emma Jane Unsworth.

TAAL: Engels.
UITGEVER: HarperCollins Publishers.
JAAR: 2020.
PAGINA’S: 400.
DRUK: Eerste editie.
FORMAAT: 145 x 223 x 38 (mm)
GEWICHT: 474 gram.
STAAT: Nieuw (New).
ISBN/EAN: 9780008334598.


THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ‘HILARIOUS’ Stylist ‘DAZZLING’ Marian Keyes ‘WITTY’ Guardian ‘HEARTBREAKING’ Dolly Alderton ‘INCREDIBLE’ Candice Carty-Williams Jenny is unloved, unemployable and emotionally unfiltered. Her long-suffering friends seem sick of her and whilst her social media portrays her life as a bed of roses, it is more of a dying succulent. Could things get any worse? Her mother is on her doorstep with a suitcase, and Jenny is about to find out…

Adults is a ‘hilarious and heartbreaking’ (Red magazine) novel about living online and trying to find yourself in real life; a hymn to the power of female friendship and an essential read for you and every woman you know.


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Emma Jane Unsworth. Adults. HarperCollins Publishers, verschenen in 2020. 400 pagina’s. Eerste editie. 145 x 223 x 38 (mm) 474 gram. Staat: Nieuw (New). Hardback.

INTERN ID: 9780008334598.
NUR: Onbekend.
LCCN: Onbekend.
DCC: Onbekend.
LCC: Onbekend.

Gewicht 474 g


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